Hi! I'm Mian Asad Ali.
.Net Specialist & Android Developer.
Based In Lahore.

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Hello!, I'm Mian Asad Ali

.Net Specialist & Android Developer

I consider myself a .Net developer, and I am equally comfortable developing Android applications as working with Java. My technical expertise also includes PHP, Javascript, HTML5, a bit of Node.js and some other frameworks/libs. I have maintained, developed and launched multiple projects from scratch, carrying the development of its' back-end and front-end codebases.


To become a well-rounded developer requires a skill set that spans technology, process and toolset.

Less is more

The code to a developer is like a mirror of his skills, a personal brand which describes his knowledge and abilities.

Needs over Wants

Flexibility is the key to face unpredictability. With every iteration we are coming closer to the RIGHT VIABLE SOLUTION.


If two heads are better than one, then let's make a team.Collaboration is the heart of a innovation.


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Phone: (+92)314-4399644